When you’re in the market to sell antique furniture, you need to find a way to connect with genuine buyers, who have an interest in what you’re selling. There aren’t many things that hold their value particularly well nowadays, so it’s reassuring that antiques really do. Ensuring you get the maximum interest possible when you plan to sell antique furniture will ensure you can get the highest possible price in return.

Auction rooms and antique shops throughout the world hold a glorious array of period furniture. Beautifully crafted designs, painstakingly built by hand, that have survived for hundreds of years. The variety of antique furniture available to buy, from desks to chairs, and from tables to lamps, is mouth-watering for any antique enthusiast.

When you’re looking to sell antique furniture it’s important you weigh up the pros and cons of the many different places you can sell it. For example, an online auction may give you a worldwide audience – but you need to think about logistics – is your furniture fragile and likely to break in transit? If the answer is yes, you should think about selling to a local dealer or putting it up for auction at a local auction house.

Finding a reputable dealer to sell to isn’t hard, and that’s good to know because before you can think about selling your antiques you really need to have a ballpark figure of what they’re worth. Reviews can be found online of the many different antique dealers and independent valuators in your area, so you’ll know who the best bet is when it comes to getting an accurate estimate of the value of your antiques. If your antique furniture has sat proudly in your home, you may need to think about getting some restoration work or repairs done before you sell it. After all, a perfect antique commands much higher prices than a flawed one – and you want to get as much as possible for your furniture.

Not everyone who deals in antiques does it purely for fun – a lot of people can make a living from it. If you already do, or you’re planning to start making a living from antique dealing, then it’s worth looking into the many different avenues available to buy antiques from – before going on to sell them for a higher price. Some dealers sell antique furniture that they’ve painstakingly restored. The markups can be huge – but don’t forget about the time and effort that is required to restore a flagging piece of furniture into a real antique treasure!

Even if you just wheel and deal antiques for a hobby, you can earn a tidy sum – but you have to be on guard against fake antiques when you’re looking to stock up. Whether you sell antique furniture for a living, or you’re thinking about auctioning off a few heirlooms – remember that a little research goes a long way