A lot of women out there are confused by how they should be dressing themselves when they have a larger more curvacious body. This guide is geared toward helping you find a way to accentuate your gifts and down play any problem situations.

1. Pants- Your jeans and slacks should always have a straight leg that hangs nicely from the hip and thigh straight down to the ankle. This flow will make your leg appear longer and your hips appear narrower. Your pants should always fit well in the the hips and the rise of your pants should sit right around your belly button level. Never try to wear anything lower than this it will just create a muffin top that you defiantly don’t want!

2. Shirts and tops- When choosing a top always go for a great neckline. I nice v neck will show off your chest making your neck look longer and making you look taller. Also consider the fit and flow. Choose fabrics that flow away from the body and don’t cling and shirts that fit well in the bosom.

3. Colour – You may believe that when all else fails wear black, but having great curves and a supple body is not a funeral! Embrace rich colors near your face. It will make you look more vibrant and healthy.

4. Silhouette- The most important thing to consider is the silhouette you are making with your clothing. Baggy tee shirts and sweatpants make a box showing no curves, while clothing that is ill-fitting or too tight will make you look like lumpy pudding. You want to create an hourglass silhouette. A great way to do this is with an A-line skirt and a nice fitting top. Or even a nice two or three button blazer. A trick I use is to stand back from the mirror and instead of looking at details look at the outline of my body after I’m dressed. A great Silhouette is the best way to make a great outfit!


Buy staple pieces for your wardrobe in neutral colors that can be found in nature. Build your wardrobe around those pieces. Mixing and matching is the best way to build outfits in your wardrobe. Building a great wardrobe can get expensive. Make sure when you’re shopping you spend the bulk of your budget on nice staple pieces such as a great fitting pair of jeans and slacks, a blazer, a great dress. Shop thriftier for items that are fads. And never take yourself too seriously, fashion is fun!!