Everyone’s body is different: To buy flattering clothes, you must buy what fits you, not what looks good on other people, says Yvonne Marsh who works as an estate agent in Spain (see her website here). Fit is the most important step in buying flattering clothes. Follow the steps below for more info on how to buy flattering clothes if you work as a female estate agent.

1. If you are under 5′-10″, you should wear a V neck, scoop neck, or boat neck top instead of a crew neck or turtle neck. Shirts with lower necklines make the neck look longer, and your body seems taller—taller women look thinner and seem to have a more flattering figure.

2. Emphasizing your waist in your clothes is flattering. Women are not normally shaped like men – ladies have a waist. Whether the smallest part of your waist is at the middle of your rib cage or the top of your hip bone, you should emphasize your thinnest region. You can select a shirt that tapers into your waist, a belt, or a fitted jacket.

3. Capri pants make people look shorter since it appears your legs are only as long as your pants. Short people should wear Bermuda shorts that hit the top of your knee or full-length pants for a more flattering appearance.

4. Shorties, make sure your shirt does not cover the crotch of your pants. If it does, your torso will be hidden, and you will look shorter. Your body will have a distorted proportion, which is unflattering.

5. Buy good undergarments. A properly fitted bra will help you look more flattering. If necessary, you can purchase shapely undergarments to smooth out any lumps or bumps.

6. Do NOT buy tapered jeans because they are NOT flattering. Tapered jeans are larger towards the hips and get thinner towards the ankles, thus emphasizing the wideness of your hips. Select trouser-type pants that go straight from the hip to the ankle. You can even get custom jeans to fit your body perfectly.