In a busy world many women simply do not have the time it takes in the morning to apply fake eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can be subtle or dramatic and the perfect answer for enhancing your eyes without having to do a thing! However, there are a lot of facts and fiction flying around which is turning women off the idea, despite how great they can look when applied professionally. Here are some of the facts aimed at debunking the fiction surrounding this popular beauty treatment.

How long should you go?

This depends on what look you want to achieve. If it’s a special occasion you might want to be a bit more daring and dramatic! Eyelash extension lengths vary from a very natural looking six millimetres (which is perfect for everyday wear), to a spectacular seventeen millimetres. However, the length applied is relative to and somewhat dictated by the length and condition of your natural lashes. If your eyelashes are quite thin or short for example it would be an impossible task to successfully attach dramatically long extensions. You do not need to have all your eyelashes extended. Many new to this treatment opt for around half of their top lashes to test the water or a few to thicken thinning eyelashes. Remember, it’s easier to add them than to take them away!

Can I have an allergic reaction and go blind?

Probably one of the biggest urban legends going: Nobody has ever gone blind having eyelash extensions. Even if the glue entered the eye – Even so, the eyes are closed and a licensed, trained professional will ensure the procedure is harmless. Some people do have an allergic reaction to certain glues. If you feel any discomfort this could mean you are one of them and should advise the technician immediately – it might be a simple case of changing the glue. Reactions do not mean the glue is harmful and should not be mistaken for infection, which is rare. In the worse scenario eyes drops might be needed to deal with an allergy.

Is it Painful?

The process should last about two hours and be completely free of pain. Each lash is applied one by one with semi-permanent glue. If you have pain something is wrong and you should stop treatment and advise your technician immediately.

How Long Does it Last

Eyelashes have a natural cycle which means they will grow out at some stage. The extensions are attached so they grow out with your natural lashes. The length of the cycle is not an exact science, it can be anywhere between six to eight weeks. Most technicians recommend a touch up every three to four weeks to keep the look fresh.

Eyelash extensions are a safe, practical and very effective beauty treatment – A few hours well spent! Synthetic lashes are the cheapest, silk, synthetic mink and mink are also available. Beyonce’s cruelty free mink extensions are legendary! Mink is the most expensive option but renowned for its natural look and applies less stress and so damage to the real lashes.