Being the best version of yourself means that you want to look and feel good. But, very few people are able to find the right diet and stick to it. The same can be said for exercise plans.  You’ve tried everything from hiring professionals to seeing doctors and not to mention those god-awful pills you’ve taken every day for months. No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot lose that extra bit of weight.

If this sounds familiar, you need to know that there is one option which you may not have thought about. We’re talking about hypnosis. Many people are cynical when it comes to hypnosis. But, they really should not be. The process of undergoing hypnosis is more about believing yourself when you say ‘I’m going to lose weight’ than it is about you walking around like a dinosaur.

Hypnosis has helped thousands of people overcome their fears and achieve their goals; everything from sleeping better to quitting cigarettes. So, why not help with weight loss? A recent study found that 60% of 300 people who underwent hypnosis for weight loss saw results in the first week. After three weeks on the program, all 300 had shown weight loss, some more than others. The average person lost 2 to 6kg’s in three weeks.

Additionally, when compared to the 300 participants in the study who attempted to lose weight without hypnosis; those in the program lost double the amount of weight. Those in the program stated that they not only lost weight but also adopted better eating habits. Overall they felt better being in their own skin and started developing a more positive body image from the first week.

How Does It Work?

Before a session starts the therapist will discuss at length what the patient would like to achieve. With an end goal in mind, the session would last for around 30 minutes. Through hypnosis, an idea is planted in the patients’ mind. This idea is built around the notion that food fuels the body.  Hypnosis is based on balancing the mind and getting the body in tune with what needs to happen. There really is no trick to it. It’s all about balancing the subconscious with the conscious.

In doing this the therapist turns bad habits into good ones. Instead of reaching for the chocolate when there is a sweet craving the patient will opt for a fruit. This means that although the mind wants to do one thing you can also train it to do something completely different. During the session, you are able to hear and feel everything in the surrounds. The patient is always in full control.

The average person will see results after the first two sessions but is it always recommended that you have at least six. Those suffering from emotional east disorders are perfect candidates for hypnotherapy. For these patients, willpower is the biggest downfall of not being able to lose weight. This is because hypnosis relies on willpower to be successful.