If you are looking forward to living in the Mediterranean this is certainly the place to move or travel to. Its located in the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and in Alicante province in Spain and has an area of 200 kilometres for you to live in. This place is well developed, and its beautiful scenes brings quite a number of tourists to the area. If you are a person who likes the views of a beautiful sunset and sunrise you should certainly move to Costa Blanca. You can go take a cold beverage at the sea and watch the view as you catch a breeze. If you are also looking for cheap priced Spanish property, then this is the place for you.

Here are 5 great reasons to move to Costa Blanca

Perfect climate

The Costa Blanca offers you one of the best climates in Europe. As its based in the Mediterranean you will enjoy plenty of sea weather from the sunshine that will dazzle you to rainy days. As you move to Costa Blanca make sure you carry your sun cream with you as you will certainly need it.

Healthy fresh food

The land on Costa Blanca is quite fertile and is a great place to grow healthy fresh fruits, vegetables. Apart from that the place is will also give you great tastes of fish and the finest wine. You may enjoy a glass of wine as you watch the sunset at the sea. Just think about how calm and peaceful that would be. The hotels in the area will also have you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine that is finger-licking good.

Water sports

If you are a fan of scuba diving, windsurfing, boat riding, rowing or sailing this is certainly the place to be. Costa Blanca being on on a coastline gives you unlimited options to this. The blue waters of the sea will be your ultimate fun area and you don’t have to worry about not enjoying your hobby no more as you are move to a new area.

All basic amenities

This area is quite developed, and you need not worry about basic amenities as they are just within the area. The amenities you need for a daily living such as supermarkets, shops, sports and recreation areas, schools, hospitals as well as leisure facilities are quite in plenty.

Spanish people

At the Costa Blanca is in Spain you will live with people who are quite friendly and warmhearted. You will enjoy a sense of family as there is togetherness in the neighbourhood. They are quite welcoming to people and will strike conversations that will keep you laughing, and you will always feel at home. If you are a football fun just have it in mind that the Spanish people are big fans of football and you will have a place where you can enjoy watching a match with other fans like you.